When Will TigerSwap Launch on Cronos Chain?

As part of our official roadmap, expansion to more chains is expected to commence immediately after the end of the public sale rounds. More details will be published so please stay tuned.

Who Can I Contact For Promotional Offers?

For promotional services please send an e-mail to hello@tigerswap.global or contact: @TigerSwap_Alexe on telegram to discuss. Spamming of the group will not be allowed.

What Is The $TIGERS Token Contract For Seed & Private Sale

For the seed sale and private sale rounds, the contract address is 0x2A0439Cb84b0b8b24755b1686A2e375A82765355 (View On BscScan) Please Make sure to add this contract address to your wallet and check to make sure this is the one you receive.

When Will Seed & Private Sale Investors Tokens Be Updated?

Before listing on DEX & CEX, all seed sale and private sale investors will receive the airdrop and can start trading & access farming & liquidity pools

When Can We Start Buying The Virtual Land & Game Assets?

The offering will be officially announced. Please stay tuned and your your $TIGERS token

Will $TIGERS Token Also Be Native Token On Tiger Games?

Yes $TIGERS will also be the native token of the play to earn game and also the governance token on the DeFi ecosystem. Multiple sources for you to earn passive income daily while your money earn yields around the clock.

Where Can I See The Demo/Trailer of The Play To Earn Game?

Please see more details hereTiger Play To Earn Games

Are There Any Plans For CEX Listing By Team?

Yes, $TIGERS will be listed on CEX after the public rounds and DEX listing. This is to enable the TIGERS/USDT trading pairs and to increase global adoption & expansion of the ecosystem

How Can I Get Whitelisted?

To get whitelisted, Visit https://tigerswap.global/whitelist.html

How Can I Participate In The Private Sale Rounds

First ensure your wallet address is registered for whitelisting and send your BNB contributions to 0x5fbF524573368491c3deaE2acA3Fa43f0E96C9F1

Make sure you are sending from a decentralized wallet like meta-mask or trust wallet. Please do not send from an exchange so you can receive your tokens instantly or in less than 24hrs

If I Missed The Private Sale, How Can I Buy In Public Presales

To participate in the public presale, Visit the official presale page on Pinksale below:


Please note that only whitelisted addresses can participate, Make sure you are registered to get whitelisted - https://tigerswap.global/whitelist.html

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