Products On Ecosystem

In addition to the innovative features and functions of the TigerSwap platform, below are some of the other key features and products available for LPs, holders & users of the ecosystem.

Tiger DeFi Suite

The Tiger DEX (Decentralized Exchange) will allow users and holders of the $TIGERS token to be able to swap, trade and exchange crypto assets on the Binance Smart Chain. There will so be Pools and Vaults on the Tiger ecosystem while Tiger Farms will offer farming and staking for holders of the $TIGERS token allowing them to earn passive income with yields as high as over 260% APYs. Staking expected to be one of the first products on the DefI suite to be launched. You can read read more about the platform

Tiger Bank: This product provided low interest lending and borrowing across cryto assets and connects both parties on the other end of the transactions together.

Tiger DeFi-As-A-Service

With the expansion and evolution of Defi, TigerSwap aims to encourage instituional and real life financial applications of Tiger DeFi with suites while empowering partners with DeFi Services at the same time. This is applicable to all products on the Tiger DeFi Suite and select utilities.


This contains all the so many other use-cases and utilities of the $TIGERS token. They can participate in lotteries where lucky holders get a chance to win amazing prices from the prize pools. Other use-case besides the Tiger Lotteries includes the Tiger NFT markets for the sale of selected and verified digital assets including arts, music and other digital products. The Tiger Launchpad will be a decentralized VC platform while the Tiger BET will allow interested holders of the governance token to place bets and predict prices on other digital assets


Tiger Games will not only be the official play to earn asset of the ecosystem but will also serve as an exclusive platform for afffiliations and partnerships to contribute to the overall growth of the gaming industry by becoming an umbrella brand and label for the success of other P2E assets.


As part of the long term vision to make the Tiger ecosystem a completely decentralized & 100% community owned platform, Eventually ownership of the token will be transferred to the TIGER DAO which will allow for voting amongst community members and holders of the $TIGERS token which is also the official governance token that allows holders to participate in decision making on the platform. All holders will be able to vote on future updates and upgrades on the platform.


There will be 0.25% trading fee on the platform. Zero percent tax.

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