Token Economics & Allocation

In this page we shall be covering the TigerSwap tokenomics and how the tokens will be allocated & distributed. Token sales and funding rounds will also be fully covered too. Let's look at it below.

$TIGERS Token Will Be The Governance Token of the TigerSwap DeFi Platforms


More Details Coming Soon


  • To prevent & manage whale manipulations and heavy dumping on listing, Public Sale rounds makes up about 70% of total tokens allocated for sales while seed sale and private sale are just 1.1% and 2.8% of the total tokens respectively.

  • Funds Raised From Public Rounds Will Go Into CEX Listing of TIGER/USDT Pairs, Heavy Marketing, Development & Expansion of The TigerSwap Ecosystem.

  • Over 60% of Total Funds Raised Will Go To Providing Liquidity on DEX.

  • Team Has A Vesting Period of 3-Months With 10% team token released every month.

  • Liquidity will be locked for 2-years.

  • Fully Audited By Cyberscope With Certik In Process For The Full Ecosystem Audit.

  • Team KYC Fully Doxxed

Official Links & More Details Will Be Published Soon.

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Token Economics, Allocation & Distribution

Token Details:

  • Token Name: TigerSwap

  • Token Ticker: $TIGERS

  • Total Supply: 90,000

  • Circulating Supply: 45,000

  • Liquidity Locked: 2years

  • Team KYC: Fully Doxxed

  • Token Contract Security: Audited By Cyberscope

  • Network: Binance Smart Chain

Token Allocation & Distribution:

  • Token Burn: 50%

  • Seed Round: 1.11%

  • Private Sale: 2.88%

  • Presale + Liquidity: 15.6%

  • Marketing + CEX Listing: 12%

  • Team: 3%

  • Treasury & Market Making: 10%

  • Advisory & Legal: 2%

  • Rewards & Incentives: 3.41%

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