USP & Industry Relevance

Our Vision: With the emergence of TIGERSWAP & the launch of v3 & it's unique products on the Binance Smart Chain network, we foresee a migration of LPs from previous pools to TigerSwap & we see a future where v3 AMMs become the new standard with many new platforms joining the TigerSwap train. Because why earn 1% of a pool when you can enjoy over 4,000x capital efficiency and earn about 500% APYs and returns?

While the new version may not have affected speculative traders to a large degree, the fundamental difference between how LP tokens interact in Uniswap V2 and V3 has affected millions of liquidity yield farmers. This impacted not only the procedures involved with continuing previous yield farming, but also the size of the liquidity pools as the liquidity pools built up on V2 have not fully migrated to V3. One of the major reason for this challenge is also the fact that there is no v3 liquidity mining program scheduled at launch and this creates the huge opportunity for new generation of AMMs to provide this solution. Also, most DEX on Binance Smart Chain currently run on v2. TigerSwap is bringing v3 to Binance Smart Chain and below are more unique features:

Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker:

TigerSwap platform will be redefinning AMMs on Binance smart chain network and will allow LPs choose the certain price ranges where they want their capital to be active. Our re-defined capital efficiency models will help reduce over-all associated risk, unlock up to 4,000x capital efficiency thus enabling higher returns on capital for everyone.


With the expansion and evolution of Defi, TigerSwap aims to encourage instituional and real life financial applications of Tiger DeFi with suites while empowering partners with DeFi Services at the same time. This is applicable to all products on the Tiger DeFi Suite and select utilities.

Yield Farming & Built-in Contracts:

The TigerSwap ecosystem has been built to mitigate & cater for many of the limitations and issues experienced by yield farmers. All contracts are built-in with little requirement for external contracts for farming & with an intuitive interface, navigation & usage of platform is very much easier

Auto-staking & Rewards:

All earnings & rewards are processed automatically. With the auto-staking and compounding features, users can save more time & remain in control of their assets.

Smart Routing & Unique Fees Curve:

Users enjoy the best prices delivered on the protocol & trading fees for pools are adjusted automatically based on trading volume, pool volume and volatility to maximize capital efficiency, enhance earning capabilities & further help reduce risk

NFT Liquidity Mining:

Liquidity positions are represented by unique on-chain generated NFTs. The non-fungible liquidity provided by LPs are eligible to earn farming rewards. There fore in addition to getting NFTs by providing liquidity, LPs & Holders are also eligible to earn extra rewards from Tiger NFT pools.

Governance & DAO:

This allows for decentralized governance and decision making by holders & LPs. Seamless process for making important decisions and upgrades

Cross-Chain & Interoperability:

TigerSwap will be cross-chain and compatible with other blockchains & EVM compatible protocols

Deflationary & Exponential Tokenomics:

The governance token as such expected to increase in value over time. Also we have implemented an exponential tokenomics that makes it possible to create a price - value relationship that can stand for a long term. Total circulating supply of tokens will be 45,000 units.

Looking at the chart above by comparing price equilibrium at different time intervals, with the functions and mechanism in place at TigerSwap, as demand increases via use of token across the platform the price is also expected to increase - while this is a standard economics demand and supply law, TigerSwap has implemented a deflationary model that automatically prevents inflation as such total quantity and available supply of token remains deflationary. Now new tokens can be minted. This is not to only avoid inflation but to keep interest of all stakeholders fully secured.

Web 3.0, Scalability & Continuous Innovation:

TigerSwap will be implementing advanced web 3.0 protocol by Q3-2022. This is to enable further expansion and ensure the platform is strategically positioned for continuous innovations.

As the adoption of web 3.0 increases, we see a future where TigerSwap remains among the top innovations and early platforms operating on v3 AMMs with unrivalled edges over the competition.

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