Future Releases, Ongoing Research Work & Development

The industry is constantly evolving & growing and as such it is of utmost priority and importance that we are constantly updated, equally innovated and updating our platform with latest industry standards. In light of this, below are the on-going research by the TIGER Team and hints on what to expect after the complete roll-out of our first major milestones.

Our future updates/releases and expansion goals includes the following upgrades. Below is the current long term goals and ongoing research work being carried out by the team.

  • Play To Earn Games: Tiger Games will be a collection of play to earn games however the strategy and idea behind the concept is different and unique because much as we will be launching our own play to earn game, players will also be able to enjoy DeFi benefits and privileges simultaneously amongst several other available options.

  • Cronos Chain & Other EVM Networks: Upon the deployment of TigerSwap on mainnet, expansion to other networks is a core part of our roadmap.

  • NFT Fractioning & Liquidity Mining: This is currently an ongoing research being carried out by the team. The idea is to make it possible to buy fractions and parts of expensive NFTs such that interested buyers can either come together to create a pool to own one NFT or be able to buy a piece of an NFT asset based. Think of it like buying satoshis due to the high price of bitcoin but in this case it will be buying parts and owning fractions of the most expensive and valuable NFT assets in the market. This is part of the long term vision of the team and research is currently in progress while we build the main TigerSwap suite of products simultanoeusly.

  • Ethereum Soul Bound Tokens: Following a recently released whitepaper by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin on the possibilities of a “decentralized society” (DeSoc) where individuals accrue a permanent record of merits and attributes that are stored in private blockchain wallets as non-tradable crypto assets knwon as Soulbound tokens, The TigerSwap team is currently carrying out further research on this to help identify strategic ways & possible positive impacts this could have on the future of the TigerSwap ecosystem.

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