How We Compare & Forecast

Tiger Swap will not only be bringing v3 AMM to Binance Smart Chain alone, this development will be unlocking the next wave of innovation and evolution of DeFi. We believe the power and impact of NFTs so far are yet to be fully maximized. Think about the greatest NFT project you have known and imagine the fact that all this much impact can be really bigger and huge beyond imaginations when they are a full part of the AMM space because with v3 AMMs, LP positions are representated as on-chain generative NFT arts. With the so many new features and functions available on a v3 engine, we see the beginning of a new generation of DeFi on Binance Smart Chain.

Now let's compare TigerSwap with the current top platform across 24 different criterias including features, functionalities and token economy. Please see below:

From our analysis the adoption of v3 on other network has been quite fast as seen in the statistics and daily volumes. Our vision is to ultimately contribute to creating an environment that enhaces a smooth transition from v2 to v3 AMMs across the DeFi industry globally. We see this shift happening already and we are strategically positioned for its success and growth.

Other unique features integrated on TigerSwap along with the v3 standards of DeFi includes Tiger Bet for betting and predictions, Tiger Play To Earn Games & so much more advanced use of onchain generative NFTs.

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